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Scholarship Exam Held at BURCH University
Mar 26, 2016

Scholarship Exam Held at BURCH University

Today, on March 26, BURCH University held a Scholarship Exam for the 2016/17 academic year.

The Scholarship Exam consists of a logic test, as well as tests from the subject matters from respective departments for which students signed up for. Taking into account the importance of educating young people, as well as the hard economic situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world in general and in the aim of creating a quality educational society, BURCH has five more ways for students to earn scholarships:

-          Bosnian Science Olympiad

-          Sports scholarships

-          Excellence during high school education

-          Extracurricular activities

-          Winning at academic competitions

The scholars vary:

-          First place gets a 100% scholarship of 21.000KM

-          Second place gets a 70% scholarship

-          Third palce gets a 50% scholarship

-          Places 4 to 20 get a 30% scholarship

-          Places 21 to 40 get a 20% scholarship

-          Places 41 to 51 get a 10% scholarship

-          Places 61 to 80 get a 5% scholarship.

All scholarships aim to support and motivate young people to educate themselves and crate an academically healthy society.

Many students from across Bosnia and Herzegovina and even abroad took this year's Scholarship Exam.

Besides in Sarajevo, the Exam was held in six other cities: Tuzla, Zenica, Bihać, Mostar, Travnik and Novi Pazar.

The results will be published on www.ibu.edu.ba


Scholarship Exam for Academic Year 2016/17