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Second Edition of BurchGene Magazine Published and Presented
Dec 25, 2016

Second Edition of BurchGene Magazine Published and Presented

A team of experts from BURCH University presented the second edition of the magazine BurchGene

We had honor to host promotion of second edition of BurchGene magazine at BURCH University. Invited speakers were Rector of our University prof. dr. Damir Marjanović and head of department of Genetics and Bioengineering, Prof. Dr. Almir Badnjević, as well as executive editors of BurchGene magazine, Ahmed Osmanović and Fatima Mrkulić. Even if students wanted main focus to be on Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović, who was one of the key factors for BurchGene magazine, he said that main emphasis should be on students, young scientists who achieved all this. Our rector said that he is very proud, and that no institution in B&H has scientific magazine like this one.

“This is not masterpiece created by some doctors, professors, journalist but masterpiece of our three students: Ahmed Osmanović, Adnan Fojnica and Fatima Mrkulić. As a professor, I'm really proud to be here with you and share your success, there is no such feeling like this one“, said Rector Marjanović.

Second invited speaker was Prof. Dr. Almir Badnjević who said that from the beginning he was familiar with students’ work and that he is very proud to be their professor. Also, he said that this is great foundation for something even bigger, something like scientific journal.

“In the near future we are planning to start journal for science and engineering at our University and these students will take important role in it.“

After this, executive editors Ahmed Osmanović and Fatima Mrkulić spoke about how everything started and what was main motivation behind this work. Also, they presented prominent professors and interesting topics for this issue. Professors and scientists like Mirsada Hukić, Luis Henrique Ceze, Reinard Heckel and Mikey Byrom took important participation in this issue. Further, new sponsors: center “SomnaCare” and laboratory “Nalaz” where introduced. Finally, they presented future plans and main objectives.