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Sejdić and Finci Visit BURCH Seven Years After the Sejdić-Finci Decision
Dec 22, 2016

Sejdić and Finci Visit BURCH Seven Years After the Sejdić-Finci Decision

On Thursday, December 22, 2016, Burch Diplomatic Club organized a public lecture by Mr. Dervo Sejdić and Amb. Jakob Finci on the topic of „Sjedić-Finci: the Battle for Equality in an Unequal System“.

Amb. Finci and Mr. Sejdić discussed with Burch University students the fight for equality of all nationalities, especially national minorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the opinion of Burch Diplomacy Club members and students, there are no more competent people who could talk about disadvantaged communities than the aforementioned guests whose voices were heard as far away as the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, seven years ago today.

"People need to be provided with an explanation about what B&H has specifically done to implement the judgment and what this country’s political elites are trying to do to avoid implementing the judgment; without implementation of the judgement, there is no candidate status for B&H or the 2018 election in our country, which is extremely important, because we cannot allow our country to not have democratic elections in the future", said Mr. Finci.

Mr. Sejdić and Mr. Finci had a dynamic conversation with the audience, which included students of other universities.

Mr. Sejdić commented: "Back in 2006, I initiated a lawsuit against B&H because of the opinion that the Constitution of B&H is discriminatory as well as the Election Law in B&H. Seven years after the judgement, the Constitution of B&H and the Electoral Law remain unchanged. Firstly, there are no ideas because all stories about the implementation of the judgment are relocated outside of B&H institutions. Secondly, we are definitely in the no show of experts in public international law in B&H. Very often leaders of political parties, who are far from legal doctrine and themes, declare in the name of this judgment. The third thing is the direct interference of the European Commission in the implementation of this judgment”, who also added, “after seven years of waiting, I must tell you that I am not an optimist when it comes to the implementation of this judgment, even I might be a pessimist who intensively talks about this”.

Both guests expressed great satisfaction with the International Burch University campus, the students, and the staff.

Dervo Sejdić - Jakob Finci