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Seminar on Enterperneurship Organized by BURCH and ASUBiH
Mar 18, 2016

Seminar on Enterperneurship Organized by BURCH and ASUBiH

BURCH University, in cooperation with ASUBiH, organized a day-long education about enterperneurship „From an idea to a successful business.“

Members of the local teams of ASUBiH from Sarajevo and East Sarajevo were present for the educations.

The goal of the seminar is to encourage young people to fully use their potential, motivate young people to be enterperneurs and to encourage them to try to realize their ideas.

The students also had an opportunity to attend lectures about different segments of the process of creating profitable businesses from creative ideas and to spend time with students, enterperneurs, founders of the firms Design Factory and XOR which are in the BURCH Start Up incubator. They also had an opportunity to listen to the experiences of the firm WiKey, an internationally successful StartUp company which works for the German firm T Mobile.

This is the first of severala joint projects between BURCH University and ASUBiH, which is the result of the recently signed cooperation agreement.


Od ideje do uspješnog biznisa