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US embassy representatives visited BURCH University
Dec 15, 2016

US embassy representatives visited BURCH University

Today representatives of the US Embassy, political adviser Bryan Wockley and Mr. Ante Miliša, visited Burch University.

The guests talked with the rector Marjanović and administrative staff of perspective BURCH University education in BiH, future directions of development of the higher education institutions, and socio-political events in the region.

"Today's meeting was very productive and compelling. To our distinguished guests we presented what International BURCH University is today and what is planned in the near future. US embassy officials have provided full support to BURCH University as a higher education institution, its programs, as well as scientific research that BURCH is realizing and preparing", said the Rector Marjanović.

Mr. Wockley is stating that he was impressed by the results that BURCH, its staff and students achieved in the field of science and higher education in BiH and beyond.