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Nedjelja, 25. mart 2018.

Young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina are developing Flink - smart home system
Dec 07, 2016

Young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina are developing Flink - smart home system

When you ask these young people what is Flink, they will say it's a smart home system. Here again, they stop and laugh because they know that elders do not understand what it is about. So we asked what is Flink essentially.

The young team in which Dina Lasić, graduate engineer of civil engineering, now a postgraduate student of Architecture program  at Burch University, and Almin Hasandić, a  graduated Electrical engineer and now a postgraduate student at Burch University, after graduation boldly decided to start their own business which they called not by chance bSmart.

The team is further enriched by their colleagues, from different field of studies. Their goal is one - to develop a sustainable business and provide jobs for their colleagues, themselves, and many intellignet young people making efficient products and providing services to their local communities, throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world.

"The idea of having my own business was developed at the beginning of the studies at Burch University. Primarily, I thought of the import of some energy drinks, what proved to be a bad idea due to strong competition and my inexperience. After the idea of energy drinks, and becoming a bit wiser, we focused on the idea of energy, and  the development of  a company  consiting of three departments:  architecture, IT programming and electronics, and all of this led to the development of the brand "FLINK HOME", said the engineer Hasandić.

When you ask these young people what is Flink,  they will say it's a smart home system. Here again,  they stop and laugh because they know that older ones do not understand what it is about. So we asked what is essentially Flink.

A bit shy, but with a lot of enthusiasm and energy,  these young people have clarified that Flink is a system that makes your home a smart house that controls the sources of energy within a home or a office building, in order to make your daily habits easier and also to reduce your electricity bills by saving energy. As they explained, when you come home tired from work and you would like to have heated water in the boiler, with an easy click of your smartphone, you can control the boiler in your home and other devices with the smart system.

"Flink, smart home system, will in the future be applied in the construction of facilities in BiH. We still have not presented the project to Bosnian  audiences but  we have conacted  some investors  and they have showed interest. What we will need in the coming period are young, energetic people who will be part of our team and share our vision", said Almin Hasandić.

When asked about the location and the  company expansion, our engineer Almin Hasandić says he is extremely grateful to Burch University and the administration who recognized the quality of this young team and  gave way to the workspace, and enabled favorable conditions for work and activities. However, because of  the capacity of work and the constant growth of the team, these young people will soon have a need to find an even greater and more effective space for the  future development.

The young graduate civil engineer , Dina Lasic, believes that energy efficiency is a very important part in every profession, but especially in architecture and civil engineering and strives always to make their projects   environmentally friendly.

"Our team is formed primarily in the Burch incubator. The story started with  making a smart thermostat and later referred to the idea of developing  a smart home system-Flink, on which we worked hard all summer and are planning to work even more in the future“.

"The motive was to make a product using our knowledge and energy, and with good organization, coordination and control  of the team we are just few steps away to have our prototype by the end of the year . We are aware that in Bosnia and Herzegovina it is difficult to find a job and that we ourselves have to create the opportunities", said engineer Lasic.


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