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BURCH Student Received a Prestigious CERN Openlab Summer Internship
May 30, 2017

BURCH Student Received a Prestigious CERN Openlab Summer Internship

Proud to announce that International Burch University IT master student, Lamija Tupo, is the only student from Bosnia and Herzegovina accepted to CERN openlab summer internship for 2017. The CERN openlab summer student programme was launched in 2002. To date, the programme has seen 330 students come to CERN.

CERN openlab is a unique public-private partnership that accelerates the development of cutting-edge solutions for the worldwide LHC community and wider scientific research. Through CERN openlab, CERN collaborates with leading ICT companies and research institutes.

Within this framework, CERN provides access to its complex IT infrastructure and its engineering experience, in some cases even extended to collaborating institutes worldwide. Testing in CERN’s demanding environment provides the ICT industry partners with valuable feedback on their products while allowing CERN to assess the merits of new technologies in their early stages of development for possible future use. This framework also offers a neutral ground for carrying out advanced R&D with more than one company.

CERN openlab was created in 2001 and is now in the phase V (2015-2017). This phase tackles ambitious challenges covering the most critical needs of IT infrastructures in domains such as data acquisition, computing platforms, data storage architectures, compute provisioning and management, networks and communication, and data analytics.