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Architecture – Art That Needs Care and Appreciation
Jan 20, 2017

Architecture – Art That Needs Care and Appreciation

Sanela Klarić claims that the greatest crisis of architecture is health. Indoor space, pollution in winter, Styrofoam - a solution that is not presented the way it is, are some of the topics that are rarely spoken of. Architecture is underrated art. The wide public knows little about it, and the architects speak rare of this and mostly stay restrained.

"The architects have failed to protect their profession, such as public notaries, doctors of medicine or pharmacists do. And it is us, architects, to blame for this, because architects do not get together and do not fight for their rights, because they allow the dumping prices. I had a situation to bid on a project and because it was a good friend of mine, I offered price where I had no earnings, but what happened is that the price was still "too high." They told me that they found a much lower price. People work at such low prices, to say that the work of architecture professionals is cheaper than a labor of worker who takes off the old tiles from the wall. That's what is sad - says Sanela Klarić, which highlights the positive work of the new administration of the Association of Architects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, association which is committed that the profession takes rightful place and equality in the market.

You can find details of this interesting interview on link below, where this artist gave special attention to architecture of “Bosnian House”, as unique and valuable phenomenon.