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BC BURCH Ready for the Season
Jan 23, 2017

BC BURCH Ready for the Season

The BURCH basketball team organized a luncheon to mark the arrival of two new players, as well as introducing new sponsors and friends of BC BURCH.

The Rector and the Secretary General of Burch University attended the event, and also the entire administration of BC BURCH team, players, friends of the club, sponsors and several people who are potential sponsors. Lunch was held in a cheerful tone, due to the current placement of BC BURCH team (half-season champions), and a good mood can be seen from the photographs taken during the event.

All are convinced that the KK BURCH team will continue with the good results and that the newly arrived players will be a large advantage in terms of placement in the basketball premier league B&H.

KKBURCH nastavak sezone