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Bitcoin and Blockchain Presentations at Burch University
Jun 08, 2017

Bitcoin and Blockchain Presentations at Burch University

IBU ACM Student Chapter organized a presentation titled: “Blockchain-How Digital Currency Revolutionized the World”. The presentation was held by Sulejman Sarajlija, successful IT Developer as well as our former student.

Sulejman Sarajlija started a presentation with explaining how it is very hard to distinguish bad product from the one that can revolutionize the world when they are in their starting phase, but also how it is important to have courage to believe in product´s exponential increment and to accept change the product brings.

Before going in the explanation of Bitcoin and Blockchain, Sarajlija first threw light upon history of money, what is it and how it used to be used across different societies. He also mentioned the difference between centralized monetary system that we are using, and the decentralized one used many years ago. In centralized system, by decision of only few people, we support that value of our hard work can be easily taken from us. The other system is based on transparency of every single transaction that is approved only if certain number of members agrees to support it.

Idea of this old, decentralized system is brought to modern age with its implementation in Bitcoin. Sarajlija shared with audience that first product paid with bitcoin was a slice of pizza, and now it increased up to more than two thousand US dollars. He also explained the difference between Bitcoin and Etherium blockchain and its possible implementations.

The proof of successful presentation were many questions addressed to our speaker, as well as presence of students from other universities. Our speaker left us with suggestions of books we can enjoy reading in our free time in order to better understand new way of living that is waiting for us right around the corner.