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Burch Architecture Students in Tunel Spasa Competition Exhibition
Jan 25, 2017

Burch Architecture Students in Tunel Spasa Competition Exhibition

As part of Masters studies, students from Department of Architecture competed in two teams on the very prestigious Tunel Spasa Memorial competition, which is run by Fond memorijala.

The competition was open to all Architects and Students of architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina and again, this Memorial competition was a huge success.  Burch University students were introduced to this competition by their professor, Sanela Klarić, who was also their mentor during whole project. It was BURCH-s first competition on this memorial, and students were really excited because they did not know who is potential competition, and because they were going to be graded from someone outside of Burch University, for the first time. The real importance of this competition was when, during the exhibition, students saw their works among others. Even though BURCH team did not win any of the prizes, everyone felt rewarded due to the good words and advices received from the jury members as they taught a lesson how to think outside of the box.

Burch Architecture students' team is looking forward to new and similar competitions and it is strongly advised to everyone to try it at least once. In terms of competitions, all competitors will always walk away as winners, if not with some reward, then with new knowledge and with the feeling that you belong to experts from your profession.

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