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BURCH Continues Cooperation with the CPI Foundation
Nov 17, 2017

BURCH Continues Cooperation with the CPI Foundation

Mirjana Sirćo, the project manager of CPI Foundation, held a presentation for the students of Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, that are attending the course Public Finance in the fall semester 2017/18.

The main topic of the presentation was to discuss the opportunities for further cooperation using the CPI's database and in that way provide recommendations related to the public spending improvement at various government levels.

The continuation of the strategic cooperation between CPI Foundation and BURCH University agreed with Assoc. Prof.Dr. Adisa Omerbegović-Arapović, envisages the development of the research projects in the area of public finance, using the detailed and comprehensive CPI's database. The research projects should be completed by February 1, 2018, after which a selection will be made and the two best projects will be awarded.

Also, the interested students were invited to do their internship in the CPI Foundation.

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