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BURCH Staff at the Gender in a Changing Society Conference - Austria
Dec 21, 2017

BURCH Staff at the Gender in a Changing Society Conference - Austria

“Gender in a Changing Society” - a closing conference between December 15-17, hosted by Danube University Krems, Department for Migration and Globalization.

The Conference was devoted to presenting the results of the project on “Gender in a Changing Society”, funded by the Austrian agency for international mobility and cooperation in education, science, and research (OeAD). Its implementation began in September 2015, and was aimed at forming a framework for a sustainable cooperation model between the participating universities and research institutions, testing an innovative research design in the field of identity (gender) and migration studies, and developing an innovative multicultural and inter-disciplinary data analysis approach based on each of the partners’ strengths.

A team of researchers, including Prof. Jasmin Hasic from the International Burch University, focused on young people from migrant families with the Balkan background (in Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina respectively) and their perception of gender roles, citizenship, and feeling of belonging. The goal was to create an approximation to the social environment, in which the young person lives and develops her/his social identity. This social environment allows cultural choices for the creation of multiple identities – and we are especially interested to analyze the influences constructing gender identity and those influencing political decision-making, again from the gender perspective.

Conference in Austria Krems