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BURCH Staff at the Third Summit CSF in Trieste
Jul 14, 2017

BURCH Staff at the Third Summit CSF in Trieste

Over 250 activists and representatives of the civil society gathered at the Civil Society Forum (CSF) Trieste of the Western Balkans Summit Series in Italy. This event was a platform for contributing to the Berlin Process of the Western Balkans and establishing a dialogue with the leaders of the countries in the region.

This year's summit is the third in a row, with previous events being held in 2015 Vienna, and in 2016 Paris. It is dedicated to the challenges faced by countries in the Western Balkans region that are not members of the European Union.

Professors from International Burch University, Vice Rector of International Relations and Scientific Cooperation, Assist. Prof. Dr. Sanela Klarić attended the third summit and contributed to the discussion in terms of the production of a quality Energy Policy for B&H. This topic is very high on the EU agenda, especially for the EU Energy Community. Conversations also revolved around avoiding the adoption of disadvantageous strategies as in previous situations, which could cause inadequate compromises and be catastrophic for the well-being and health of people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.