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Burch Start Up Has Started: It is Time to Combine Knowledge and Experience
Dec 06, 2017

Burch Start Up Has Started: It is Time to Combine Knowledge and Experience

The Burch Start Up project is organized by a group of students from the International Burch University who are collaborating with the University Project Department. The aim of Burch Start-Up is to link the real sector, the owners of companies and students of Burch University.

Students on this occasion get the experiences and knowledge that the owners of the company acquire during practical work and the owners of the companies recognize, new, young and innovative people who have the knowledge and the will to work in the real sector.

"Burch startup is an educational program that helps students to choose their place on the market and to learn how much their knowledge will help them in the business sector. That is why our co-founder of the digital agency Lilium, which is certainly one of the leading digital companies in B&H, from Sarajevo will today discuss with our students. He will, of course, speak to students about how he made the firm, and which all obstacles he should have mastered in order to get his place on the market. That's exactly what students need; people coming from the market to connect theoretical knowledge and practice", said Senior Teaching Assistant Malcolm Duerod.

Burch Start-Up consists of four training modules and the very act of competition. Throughout the work during the training module students from the International Burch University have the opportunity to communicate and exchange ideas and experiences with experienced business people, hear inspirational speakers and further motivate themselves for the business projects they are considering. This year, Burch Start Up was opened by Edin Halilović from Lilium.

"Lilium is a B&H digital agency that has been on the market for two years now, we have fifteen people in the team and our base of interest are the strongest brands operating in our country. That is why I am on the premises of Burch University today because I want to talk about what awaits young people when they decide to start their own company. We are a young company, but we have won our place under the sun. Burch chose me, but Burch chooses us too. The philosophy is simple, private faculties give more space to young people when we talk about the business sector, and Burch really is the leader in this", said Edin Halilović, co-founder of Lilium.

This year Burch Start-Up will also bring together young and prosperous businesspeople from all over B&H and young people at the campus of the International Burch University, who will learn how to work on an effective business plan and realize the same experience of experts coming from practice.

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