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BURCH University Professors Attended 3rd Global Forum on Medical Equipment in Geneva
May 12, 2017

BURCH University Professors Attended 3rd Global Forum on Medical Equipment in Geneva

The World Health Organization (WHO) held the third global forum about medical devices, in Geneva, Switzerland, during period from 10 to 12 May 2017. The forum was attended by over 650 participants from 85 countries from different organizations. It included: plenary, panels, parallel sessions, workshops, exhibition and poster sessions.

Objectives of the 3rd Global Forum on Medical Equipment in Geneva:

  1. To define methods of increasing access to priority medical devices under Universal Health Coverage in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals
  2. To share evidence of best practices in regulating, assessment and management of medical devices
  3. To demonstrate development and use of innovative appropriate affordable technologies to respond to global health priorities
  4. To share WHO tools and guidelines about medical devices regarding better implementation
  5. To present the outcomes of the implementation of the World Health Assembly resolutions on medical devices and the EMP strategy for 2030

What is significant for Bosnia and Herzegovina is the fact that we also had representatives of B&H on this third WHO global forum about medical equipment. BURCH University professors, Prof. Dr. Almir Badnjević and M. Sc. Lejla Gurbeta, both employees of B&H verification laboratory Verlab, presented the results of verification of medical equipment in B&H, the results of increasing the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of medical devices, and results from savings in the Health Care System of B&H. This is recognized as good practice on a global level regarding the regulation and quality of medical equipment, which is realized and implemented by the Institute for Metrology of B&H.