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Burch University Students' Participants of Project Present Simple Future Perfect - Riga
Jul 04, 2017

Burch University Students' Participants of Project Present Simple Future Perfect - Riga

International Burch University has become famous for its educational activities, as well as for encouragement of students to participate in different types of international programs that will help them improve themselves, get new experiences, and meet people from different countries. Its main aim is the promotion of multiculturalism and creation of a new generation of intelligent and skillful young individuals, who work on advancement and improvement of our society.

This is an international project and it refers to the development of creative thinking and methodology of self-development, self-determination, and prediction in the field of youth work with the aim of acquiring skills needed for the future employment. Participants were expected to communicate in English.

Throughout the training, Mirela has experienced working with young people from six countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia, Finland, and Estonia) and she has acquired new skills from a wide range of non-formal education methods (art therapy methods, role, group and team activities, individual activities, evaluation methods, training techniques, public speaking, and body language techniques).

Mirela also organized numerous activities at the Youth Cultural Center in Ogre, Latvia, where she presented her country and her University. She also worked with children and youth, teaching them about international and cultural similarities and differences, with an emphasis on the importance of a mutual respect.

Upon completion of the project, our Mirela received a YouthPass certificate which is an important document that shows that the project is supported by Erasmus +: Youth in Action and its main goal is to encourage recognition of informal learning and youth work.

We are very proud of our Mirela who presented her University and B&iH in the best light and we wish her many more successful projects.

Present Simple, Future Perfect