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BURCH University Visited by the Embassy Delegation of the Republic of France
Feb 21, 2017

BURCH University Visited by the Embassy Delegation of the Republic of France

In the atmosphere of the already existing cooperation between Burch University and the Embassy of the Republic of France, and as recommended by the Ambassador, Catherine Palpant, attache from the Department for Cooperation and Culture, and Emmanuel Mouriez, counselor for cooperation and culture and director of the French Institute, visited Burch University.

The newly elected advisor in French embassy, Emmanuel Mouriez, was familiarized with Burch University’s ongoing projects and also took on some projects in which cooperation has been previously established, such as Bio based student pavilion and Nat in Mat project.

Catherine Palpant was particularly helpful in exercising the Joint Ph.D. cooperation between BURCH and French University INALCO (Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales).

During a visit to Burch it was also discussed about the possibilities of introducing the French language as an elective or major subject at Burch University, short-term and long-term objectives of cooperation in the development of this language, the continued construction of Bio based student pavilion, summer school, and the continuation of cooperation in general terms as well as the opening of the French Corner in August 2017.

It was also discussed about scholarships in France for students of the third cycle of studies (joint Ph.D.), for which contracts are already in preparation.

Many other possibilities were discussed and it was agreed that an official letter will be prepared for all discussed and agreed ideas of cooperation and to continue with existing projects and plans.

Ambasada Francuske u BiH