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BurchGene Magazine Presented its 3rd Edition at Burch University
Jun 01, 2017

BurchGene Magazine Presented its 3rd Edition at Burch University

At International Burch University, the BurchGene Magazine editorial team hosted a promotional day for the third edition of their magazine. Students from many different universities across Sarajevo attended the event to show their support.

BurchGene is an invigorating and interesting magazine catering towards the Genetics and Bioengineering field. The goal of the magazine is to introduce students, professors, and the public to genetics and bioengineering, science, and to also demystify common myths within the aforementioned fields.

The event began with a motivational speech by Assist. Prof. Dr. Almir Badnjević, Head of the Genetics and Bioengineering department at Burch University, who relayed his positive opinions about the magazine. Furthermore, Professor Badnjević encouraged students to initiate plans and goals for their future, and to work vigorously towards achieving their dreams.

Also, Ms. Fatima Mrkulić, as a representative of the editors (including Ahmed Osmanović and Adnan Fojnica), gave a very insightful speech about the magazine, genetics and the hard work and perseverance that the team placed in to complete the third edition of BurchGene.  

Finally, the promotion also featured a guest speech from Prof. Dr. Eddie (Edhem) Čustović, a renowned professor from Latrobe University in Australia, also one of the main sponsors of the magazine. He also exclaimed his positive opinions about the magazine and the hard work of the students who organized its fruition. Additionally, Professor Custović hosted a short lecture, explaining the important of controlling waste of green matter using bioengineering as the forefront to control this growing epidemic.

The event ended with live music and a cocktail party enjoyed by the students.

International Burch University is very proud of its students, and hopes for more projects such as these.

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