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Business Session With Mr. Zoran Puljić at BURCH University
Mar 20, 2017

Business Session With Mr. Zoran Puljić at BURCH University

On Thursday, March 16, Business Development Club organized a business session, held by Mr. Zoran Puljić, director of Mozaik Social Enterprise and a Schwab Social Entrepreneur. The topic of the lecture was „Social Impact Economy and Venture Philanthropy: Context and Global Potential”.

Mr. Puljić began the lecture by putting students in an ethical dilemma – whether they would rather save a hundred lives or earn a hundred thousand marks. He continued by explaining that social entrepreneurship is a combination of both. Furthermore, he talked about the EVPA spectrum which includes the impact only, impact first and finance first parts of entrepreneurship. As he mentioned, social entrepreneurship is about creating businesses but with the main goal of making a social impact and achieving profit in terms of social returns. Mr. Puljić also provided a list of core values of a true social entrepreneur, including honesty, empathy, humility, ambition, grit and passion. These are the ones which make people different from other entrepreneurs. He stated that the base for a good economy is investing in its social parts.

At the end, he presented the work of Mozaik Fondation and advised students to apply to the current invitation for applications to the M-Zone for social entrepreneurship.

He received a letter of appreciation, handed by the Head of the Department of Management, Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak, for the time he spent visiting BURCH University and holding a lecture for students, in hope for further cooperation.

Zoran Puljić - Director of Mozaik Fondation