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CEO of Symphony and President of BIT Alliance Visited BURCH Universityy
Mar 30, 2017

CEO of Symphony and President of BIT Alliance Visited BURCH Universityy

On Thursday, March 30, Business Development Club organized a leadership session held by Mr. Haris Memić, CEO of Symphony and President of BIT Alliance. The topic of the lecture was „From Engineer to CEO: How I Discovered I Could Run a Successful Company“.

Mr. Memić began the lecture by recalling the times of his studies and various extracurricular activities that he attended at the University he studied at. He continued by introducing students to the work of Symphony. He talked about the path he passed through founding his own company, intially called DevLogic, but also the problems and challenges he experienced. He mentioned the importance and difficulty of facing negative critics from the environment in which an individual is working. He focused on the main roles and responsibilities of a good CEO where he said that, that as a CEO, a person often comes in a position to solve problems which he or she had never faced with before. He also emphasized the importance of a good management team and the power of delegation, which is the only way through which the workers can learn and develop, but also talked about the meaning of a true vision and its influencing power. Our guest also briefly talked about his favorite businessmen and what sunique they had to offer to the market. He also mentioned that he does not believe in life and work balance, his stand is what we do is not just a job, but it is something that should complete our lives.

After numerous questions from the audience, our guest was handed a letter of appreciation by the Head of the Department of Managemenet, Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak, to convey our gratitude for the time he has spent visitng the Burch University and holding a lecture for students.

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