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Digital is "must have" today
Sep 29, 2017

Digital is "must have" today

Digital transformation is an unstoppable process supported by new digital technologies that require customization of business models, but also companies’ way of thinking all over the world, including B&H.

On the regional conference “Bosnia goes Digital”, organized by QSS in Sarajevo on Thursday, Sep 28, it was said that digital transformation process represents a great opportunity to increase the competitiveness of the local economy, but also a major threat in the event that local companies may lag behind in this adjustment process.

- Digitization is an unstoppable process, but it is already an old thing, because digital is already a trend that we accept as something we have grown up with, and the generations of our students digitally accept as "must have" with whom they were born. Therefore, for PR and the digital media team of Burch University, digitally is essential, it is the key and therefore the digital is kerosene of our communications, on this occasion, emphasized Jasmina Sinanović, PR of International Burch University.

As pointed out, digitization and new digital services bring lots of benefits to users, which is why their expectations are rapidly changing. Namely, users are less tolerant of poor user experience, regardless of the product or services they use.

In different, the conference was held as part of the 20 years of operation of QSS celebration, during which they successfully digitized the business over 1,000 bh. companies, agencies, and organizations.