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French Ambassador at Burch University: Climate Action is an Action for the Benefit of the World
Dec 11, 2017

French Ambassador at Burch University: Climate Action is an Action for the Benefit of the World

International Burch University hosted a diplomatic staff of the French Embassy in Sarajevo, led by French Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, H. E. Guillaume Rousson, who today spoke to students about the Paris Agreement and the challenges of climate change in the world and B&H at the International Burch University.

„I recently arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina and I have to tell you that I am slowly discovering this beautiful country and all its potentials. Today, we are talking about education, and when it comes to education, it would be frivolous not to speak of an international Burch University that is truly an impressive institution. I was especially impressed by the innovativeness of students and professors who showed me a fully ecologically and energetically self-sustaining student pavilion that I had the opportunity to see. The French Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina primarily works through education of the French language, and in this context, with special attention, we observe the Burch University. What we particularly care for is international relations of the primary student population, for example, students from B&H in France. Currently, about two hundred students from Bosnia and Herzegovina are living in France, and this number is increasing regardless of scholarship programs, said French Ambassador to B&H H.E. Guillaume Rousson.

After a brief meeting with the Rector of the International Burch University, Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović, and visiting the campus, the French ambassador joined his hosts, the Vice-rector for Scientific research and International Cooperation at Burch University Assist. Prof. Dr. Sanela Klarić and Head of the Department for Environmental Protection at the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of B&H, Mr. Senad Oprašić.

With the hosts, ambassador participated in a lecture that turned into an open discussion on the topic of climate change challenges two years after the Paris Agreement and ahead of the „One Planet“ summit organized by the French President, Mr. Macron.

On this occasion, students of Burch University had the opportunity to get answers to the burning questions about the position of the international community in climate negotiations, the organization of a new climate summit, and the attitude of B&H authorities towards this important problem.

French Amb. visits IBU