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ICESoS 2017 at BURCH University - Rural Business Development in the Balkan Region
May 18, 2017

ICESoS 2017 at BURCH University - Rural Business Development in the Balkan Region

Today, International BURCH University, organized and hosted an International Conference on Economic and Social Sciences, where the main subject was "Rural Business Development in the Balkan Region".

Chairman of the organizing committee of the conference, Prof. Dr. Teoman Duman, bolded that ICESoS conference, for the fifth year in a row, is selecting the most important topics and is gathering important researchers from different countries whose scientific works contribute to the solution of problems covered on conference. Rector of International Burch University, Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović, welcomed the distingueshed guests and thanked to all participants for their arrival, as well as to organizational team for hard work in preparation of this conference. Dean of the Faculty of Economics Ph.D. Ešref Rašidagić also welcomed the attendees, emphasising the importance of this conference for whole B&H. A representative of the Directorate for European Integration, Mr. Zara Halilović welcomed the participants and praised the excellent selection of themes, and also emphasized the importance of the themes concerning the situation in conference hosting country.

H.E. Ambassador Wigemark, as one of the speakers on the conference, said that agriculture can be a leading driver of the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but it is imperative to establish a system that will help the company's commitment to rural production, and their further development.

The audience was also addressed by H.E. Croatian Ambassador in B&H Mr. Ivan Del Vechio, who pointed out that B&H is country rich with natural resources and that the conference took place at the right time when one of the primary objectives of the EU's is definitely improving rural areas. He added that we can expect the full support of the Croatia on the B&H path in joining the EU. Also, guests of the conference had the opportunity to obtain first-hand information from other guests, such as Dean Sinković on the work of the University of Pula, as well as their activities dedicated to developing of economy. Support for the conference was also provided by Mr. Branko Babić, a representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Conference partners, from Romanian University "1 December 1918 Alba Iulia", expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be partners of such important event. Dr. Ionela Gavrila said that this is the only one of the forms of cooperation with International Burch University with which many are satisfied.

The panel was moderated by Tim Clancy, a prominent expert on sustainable tourism development with a focus on eco-tourism and the environment. Panel continued with Mr. Adrian Neal, an expert with over twenty-three years of experience in rural development, who explained details how Bosnia and Herzegovina is struggling for years with the same problems when it comes to this topic. The importance of knowing the real, and actual, situation on the ground by those responsible for law making, is paramount in order to find solutions. Vice-Rector of International BURCH University, Assist. Prof. Dr. Sanela Klarić, listed some of the problems they encountered during many years of work related on rural development, and gave valuable guidelines how to resolve and how to address them. She added that science is not something that is within the boundaries, but it is something that helps the development of all of us. Nedeljko Pinezić, stressed the important role of the decisions making individuals, who need to contribute in changing conditions and not waiting for the problems to solve themselves. The quality of the panels is best illustrated by the fact that many participants were active in discussion through their numerous comments and questions.

The ceremony was contributed by the members of academic community, government and NGO sector, as well as from the economy sector.

It was concluded that the lack of adequate strategies in numerous sectors of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is the main barrier to access to EU funds. Because of this problem, instead of to take advantage of available funds, country in whole is unfortunately entering new debts that will be difficult to return. Accordingly, the preparation strategies should be the top priority of all responsible, jointly was concluded by all participants of the panel.

ICESoS 2017