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Jasmina Sinanović: Better education Must be the Driver of Positive Changes in Society
Nov 16, 2017

Jasmina Sinanović: Better education Must be the Driver of Positive Changes in Society

In the show "Live Day at N1 Sarajevo Studio" we spoke with Jasmin Sinanović, PR manager of the International Burch University. Jasmina talked about the activities at Burch University in N1 Sarajevo and commented on the tweets of selected social network users.

Asked about the activities at the International Burch University, Jasmina said that it is extremely important to have young and educated people who will create the future of this country.

Burch began with his established mission: "Improve learning and change lives", focusing on quality teaching and research methods and acting through a wide range of scientific and academic research where Burch is well known and recognized as the leading University in the region, commented Sinanovic adding:

"Burch University strives for digitization and modernization, and thus creates an environment that encourages creative, objective, and critical thinking, which are our essential educational models".

About the reactions of young people to learning in foreign languages and conditionally expressed by the pressures young people have in the education system, Jasmina Sinanović explained:

"There is no imposition in the education process, we have students who want to study in foreign languages and who are aware that courses are being held in the English language before the enrollment to Burch University, which makes Burch even more important. Of course, students who are not fully prepared for studying and learning in a foreign language but decide to come to study at Burch can attend an English language school to get prepared for teaching courses in the English language".

Ms. Sinanović stressed that teaching at Burch University began in September and that the management was pleased with the record-breaking entry this year, especially when taking into account statistics of high school graduates.

"We all strive to educate our children in order to prepare them to take on the leading roles in society. This is the basic goal, and if that was not the case then it should be", Ms. Sinanović said, during her visit to the Live Day of N1 Television Sarajevo.