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Let’s Enjoy English at International Burch University
Apr 12, 2017

Let’s Enjoy English at International Burch University

On April 11, the Department of English Language and Literature in cooperation with the Pedagogical Institute of Sarajevo Canton organized the first competition of English language and literature “Let’s Enjoy English” at International Burch University. The fourth graders from Sarajevo high schools were invited to participate and compete in two competitions – General knowledge quiz and Spelling bee contest.

The opening ceremony was embellished with the speech of the Rector of International Burch University, Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović, who said that he was very proud of such young individuals who were willing to demonstrate their knowledge, capacities, and creativity. He added that they were brave students and the best representatives of their high schools.

High schools that participated in the competition were High School for Environment and Wood Design, High School Hadžići, First Bošniak High School, 4th Gymnasium Ilidža, High School for Catering and Tourism, and High School for Economy.

The first part of the competition was quiz. The questions covered general knowledge of English, including grammar and vocabulary at the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference and knowledge about the authors and famous works of British and American literature. Apart from that, the competition included general questions about British and American culture, music, and popular films. Students were answering questions in 7 different categories and they showed an exquisite knowledge. However, only one team could take a winning prize. First place was taken by David Jeremić and Amar Memić from High School for Catering and Tourism, while the second and third place went to students from High School for Economy and 4th Gymnasium, respectively.

The second part of the competition was Spelling Bee contest. Spelling Bee consisted of three stages. The difficulty of the words changed throughout each round, where the first round consisted of words at the Intermediate (B1) level, and the final round comprised words from the Advanced (C1) level. David Jeremić from High School for Catering and Tourism took the first place, while two students from High School Hadžići and First Bosniak High School took the second and third place, respectively.

In the closing ceremony, the Dean of the Faculty of Education, Assist. Prof. Dr. Senad Bećirović, handed over the certificates of appreciation and small gifts to schools who participated in the competition. The students, on the other hand, received some great prizes.

Organizers at the Department of English Language and Literature are very satisfied with the competition, and they have started with the preparation for the next year’s contest for high school students.

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