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Marketing Session at BURCH University by Ms. Amra Hašimbegović
May 16, 2017

Marketing Session at BURCH University by Ms. Amra Hašimbegović

On Monday, May 15, Business Development Club of Burch University organized a marketing session, “How can marketing help you in life“, held by Ms. Amra Hašimbegović, the founder and CEO of Global Market Solutions.

Lecture began with a small experiment by Amra. She made a photograph of the audience and commented that everyone was instantly involved in personal marketing. Each individual changed their pose and tried to look better. As our lecturer continued, personal marketing is all about getting attention. Even the way people dress says a lot about them, and is a way of „packaging ourselves“. Personal marketing is, in fact, the process of selling oneself. However, as Amra mentioned, for students it is important to communicate their professional interests in the best possible manner. The best way to do that is through social media, and it is an excellent opportunity to present our skills and aspirations to our future employers.

Personal marketing is all about how we walk and talk in our daily lives. As Amra stated, every individual can and should manage how other people perceive them. As an experiment, our lecturer invited two students to conduct a brief job interview. Students were asked usual questions and were evaluated. Amra was available to answer the interview questions that came from the students. i.e. she showed what behavior is actually necessary to score well.

After answering questions from the audience, our guest was handed a letter of appreciation by the President of Business Development Club, Kanita Jahić, to convey our gratitude for the time devoted visitng BURCH University and holding a lecture for students.

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