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MoU and Erasmus+ Inter-institutional Agreement Successfully Conducted at Burch University
Jan 29, 2017

MoU and Erasmus+ Inter-institutional Agreement Successfully Conducted at Burch University

Erasmus+, Project for Mobility of Students and Professors, Inter-institutional Agreement Between BURCH University and Alba Iulia University and Memorandum of Understanding Between Burch University and Institute of Business and Management

   Erasmus+, Inter-institutional Agreement, was signed between BURCH University and University of Alba Iulia. It was agreed and arranged that the existing student exchange program is expanding to other departments within BURCH University. Within the aforementioned project, two students, Anastasia Mihalciuc and Diana Vicol, from „1 December 1918“ University of Alba Iulia, Romania, participated in an exchange with the Faculty of Economics.  Also, one more student from the Institute of Business and Management from Pakistan, Hadi Imran, visited Burch University, and took part in an exchange with the Department of Management of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences.

We gathered these three students from Romania and Pakistan, and asked them few interesting questions.

Welcome to BURCH University. Tell us how you feel in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina? Is this your first time in Sarajevo?

-          Thank you for your welcoming word and yes, it is our first time here in Sarajevo, first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the first time in Sarajevo. Whole team from BURCH University are more than nice, we feel very welcome here and we must add that local food is very, very good. Ćevapi and burek are the best!

What impressions will you take with you back to your home countries, Romania and Pakistan?

-          BURCH is a way different university, but different in positive manner. Everyone speaks English and everyone is very polite. One more unique thing about Burch University is that positive vibes can be felt around. All faces are smiling, and that amazed us…. we have not met friendlier people in our life. This is something that we will definitely take with us a memory of Burch and this beautiful country.

Do you find the Erasmus program efficient and useful for higher education?

-          Yes, we find it very efficient. We are very grateful for this Erasmus+ Program and opportunities that come with it. We wish we could stay here or transfer to BURCH University, however there are quite a few courses that would need to be taken again in order to meet the needed criteria, and that is something that we might consider when we return back to our home universities.