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Our Students Took Participation in Sarajevo Innovations Festival
Nov 27, 2017

Our Students Took Participation in Sarajevo Innovations Festival

We are glad to announce that our 5 students took participation in Students Innovations Festival (SIFI 2017), which was recently held at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo. Organized by members of the association of students from Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo known as STELEKS, this event gave students a unique opportunity to present their work, research papers, scientific articles, innovations, and ideas regarding the field of automatic and electronics, energy, telecommunications and information technologies.

Students did not only have the ability to present their work during the poster session but also were able to exchange ideas and experiences with colleagues, innovators, and experts from the areas mentioned above.  Committee members reviewed and evaluated in total 18 papers that were selected for the final round. Papers were evaluated according to the following criteria: innovation, applicability, and formatting (i.e. how well the paper fits the standard IEE format of written scientific papers).

In total, 4 papers were presented by our five students from Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences: Jasna Nuhić, Lejla Imširović, Dalibor Đumić, Tarik Ibrahimpašić and Nermin Đuzić, and following results were achieved: 

-          Student of the 1st year of Master Study program at Information Technologies department, Dalibor Đumić, was chosen among the top three authors, winning an impressive second place award with his work "Arrows System-Blink Controlled Wheelchair". On the other hand, Nermin Đuzić, having only one point less, won the 4th place with his paper "Automatic Plant Watering System". Also, it is worth of mentioning that also two more works were presented, namely "Development of Microbiological Incubator by means of Electronic Components" and “New Generation of Energetic Roof” which achieved a somewhat weaker placement.

All participants received the certificate and have been awarded for their participation. We express our congratulation to them and their mentors and professor who was working with them on such successful projects. 

SIFI 2017