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Practical Forensic Investigation of a Set-Up Crime Scene at BURCH University
Apr 18, 2017

Practical Forensic Investigation of a Set-Up Crime Scene at BURCH University

Students from the 3rd year of Genetics and Bioengineering had a practice in investigation and examination of a crime scene.

The goal of the practice for the students was to put their knowledge in practice and solve the crime scene case using evidence collection, suspects examination and deduction from presented information.

The evidence collection must be executed per strict instructions and any deviation in this phase can be a liability on the court where the perpetrator's guilt need to be proven. Therefore, the students should have learned all those procedures before the start of the practical part of their education. After collecting the evidence, a narrow list of suspects might be done and after detailed further examination (if the deduction of the students is good enough) it can be confirmed who the perpetrator is (in this case it was one of the assistants from university).

Such a practice is very informative, educational and good for imprinting of the theoretical knowledge into habits that the students will need if choosing to pursue a career in Forensics. Hence, it is great tool in helping students to memorize all the details and to apply all correct steps in correct order which is often hard to memorize by heart straight from the book, but at same time is imperative to do it in that manner. Finally, the theoretical knowledge is meaningless without a strong practical coverage and its full understanding in the practical field, which is very strongly applying and implementing on section of Genetics and Bioengineering at BURCH University.

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