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Shakespeare at Burch: "Much Ado About Nothing" Successfully Staged
Nov 08, 2017

Shakespeare at Burch: "Much Ado About Nothing" Successfully Staged

The English language and literature department had the pleasure to host a play performed and directed by professor Shahab Yar Khan and his acting company. The play is an adaptation of Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing". Professor and students in attendance had the pleasure to enjoy the excellent introduction and cameos by the professor as well as the high-spirited performance of the actors.

"Much Ado About Nothing" is one of Shakespeare's most famous comedies, which in the hands of professor Khan and his company shone in a new light, with additional elements such as traditional Bosnian music and added text. Prior to the performance, Professor Khan in his introductory note addressed the role of women in Shakespearean dramas. 

At the end of the two-hour long performance, the actors were greeted with applause, while professor Khan was awarded a certificate of appreciation to mark a long history of collaboration with the University which will continue into the future. 

Shakespeare at Burch