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Summer School - Student Pavilion at BURCH University
Aug 10, 2017

Summer School - Student Pavilion at BURCH University

The bio-based Student Pavilion, a nearly zero energy building, is a project motivated by positive examples in other European countries using natural, local materials. International Burch University, with the aid of the Green Building Council and partners from international organizations, the EU, regional universities, local construction companies, and NGOs have instigated the construction of the pavilion upon the campus.

Education on the importance of recyclable materials and training people to construct using natural materials is the aim of the Student Pavilion. Designed as a Summer School, this project’s goal is to construct a low-energy building using traditional, local building materials such as wood, straw, wool, and clay. It is a summer school that is organized over two years and brings together experts and students to practice applying traditional, natural, and local materials and sustainable building techniques through practical application and construction.

The architectural design was selected through an open student competition in May 2015 by a jury composed of experts in the field. Additionally, the Student Pavilion is being built in two phases: the first phase was completed in September 2016, whilst the second phase is planned for the summer of 2017. The Pavilion has become a "sharing laboratory", where professors and practitioners share knowledge with students during the construction of the building and also live experiment where numerous tests will be conducted in the service of educational and scientific achievements.

This year will see students from across the region visiting Burch University to participate in the Summer School where the second phase of Student Pavilion will be instigated.

Join us from the 12th to the 20th of August, 2017 at Touristic Agency of Canton Sarajevo.