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The 2nd Student and Young Professional Congress Officially Opened at Burch University Campus
Dec 01, 2017

The 2nd Student and Young Professional Congress Officially Opened at Burch University Campus

Today, Dec1, 2017, at the campus of the International Burch University in Sarajevo, the 2nd Student and Young Professional Congress was opened, which will last until Dec 4, 2017. The aim of the Congress is simple, connecting young people and successful people who will solve problems in the future and bring young people closer to what the future brings. The international Burch University will accommodate more than 500 guests, of which more than 200 young people - high school students who will choose the location and theme of professional orientation in the upcoming period.

Thirteen teams came from the various faculties from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is not the first time, but an even more successful version of the story started by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE), which in conjunction with YEP organized this Congress.

Burch University is the right choice for the IEEE Congress

"Just as you in Bosnia and Herzegovina have scientists and Nobel laureates and we have scientists in Switzerland who have made the impossible, some of which may not be so familiar, but they are globally known for their products. The Swiss scientists have just invented all known coffees, others have been awarded the Nobel Prize for their scientific achievement. I am not saying this is by chance, Switzerland is a small country just like Bosnia and Herzegovina, but we are constantly present in the scientific fields. I do not need to emphasize that innovation and science are clearly a primary goal of the Swiss government. I spend time in BiH and get to know new intelligent and innovative people every day, but what I know is that these people are continually supported and stimulated to get the best results. That is why Switzerland helps young people in BiH who will make this country better," the Ambassador of Switzerland to Bosnia and Herzegovina, H.E. Andrea Rauber Saxer stressed during her keynote speech.

Professor of International Burch University prof. dr. Jasna Hivziefendic said at the opening of the Congress that she is especially proud of her students and participants of the IEEE Congress.

"The IEEE Congress, which opens today in the campus of the International Burch University, is a perfect opportunity for all the young people who arrived today on Burch from different countries, regions and professional environments. IEEE is the perfect opportunity for all of us today, but in the coming days to exchange opinions, experiences, and contacts. This conference is a perfect starting point for cooperation between young and innovative people who will in the future create solutions to the problems our country faces today. It is, therefore, an honor for me, as professors of Burch University that the organizational team of IEEE has selected International Burch University in Sarajevo as the place where it will hold this conference and I particularly thank them for that," said Hivziefendic

One of the organizers of this year's congress, prof. dr. at International Burch University Dejan Jokić emphasized that the idea of this congress is to connect people from various parts of the economy, but also from the education sector on the level of whole BiH.

"The organization of the IEEE Congress, which we openly solemnly open at the International Burch University in Sarajevo, was very demanding, however, when you have such friends and professionals, everything is possible. Therefore, I want to highlight the work of young colleagues who are in this story from the first second and completely volunteer. I am sure that these people will be those of whom we, in the near future, will be able to learn many of their present mentors and professors, "added Professor Jokic

It is important to note that the speakers at this year's Congress include Michaela Magas, proclaimed as the EU innovator in 2017, and Vadim Belikov, a global entrepreneur operating in the world and advisors to the world's largest agencies. He is also vice-president of the G8 and G20 Summit, then Petar Stojanov, who works on improving innovative thinking from the very beginning, in schools.

Ceco Gaković, who is famous in Silicon Valley, and Almir Badnjević, an extraordinary scientist in the field of biomedical engineering, a successful entrepreneur, and director of the Verlab Verification Laboratory, were also present. Denis Spahic and Nemanja Vujanic are also definitely worth mention: Spahic and Vujanic came to the Congress last year as participants, young people with ideas, but today are representatives of companies that have started with the help of IEEE and YEP. The two are examples of young people who came up with the idea, went with inspiration and a plan, and returned with a life story that will share with colleagues who are not much younger than them.

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