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The 3rd Inter-Academy Scientific Symposium at ANUBiH
Nov 01, 2017

The 3rd Inter-Academy Scientific Symposium at ANUBiH

The three academies, Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, organize annual symposiums as a forum for their experts to present the most recent developments in their research and to discuss potential solutions that can be helpful to the public health and community as a whole.

The 3rd Inter-academy Scientific Symposium was organized by Bosnia and Herzegovina, at premises of ANUBiH. Among financial support was also International Burch University, whose rector, Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović was an organizing committee member.  The main topic of this Scientific symposia was Emerging and Re-emerging Zoonoses of the 21st Century.

The goal of the 3rd Inter-Academy Scientific Symposium was to keep and strengthen the research collaboration between the three national academies on this important public health topic and thus provide scientific meetings where annually updates and achievements on research in the respective countries will be presented and discussed.

3rd Inter-Academy Scientific Symposium ANUBiH