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Training For ASUBiH Members Held at BURCH University
Mar 13, 2017

Training For ASUBiH Members Held at BURCH University

The very first training program for members of the Association of high school students in Bosnia and Herzegovina was held in the premises of Burch University, between 11 and 12 March 2017.

The topics of the program were to promote the seventh consecutive Bosnian Science Olympics organized by Burch University, and presentation skills that our participants have adopted from the best lecturers in the respective field.

This year Burch University has had the opportunity to host over 40 high school students from cities across Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the goal of the training was to create a strategy for the promotion of the Bosnian Scientific Olympics to their local communities. High school students had the opportunity to participate in interactive workshops and lectures held by Kemal Balihodžić - the former head of marketing at Burch University, currently a business owner and one of the best motivators in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In addition to the formal activities, participants had the opportunity to enjoy the social-night program, karaoke show, table tennis, and many other activities. During the activities, these young people have sent the best example of activism to their peers, expressed a desire to once again participate in programs of this kind, and with their enthusiasm they heralded cooperation and implementation of this project in the future.