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Voluntary Blood Donation at BURCH University
May 03, 2017

Voluntary Blood Donation at BURCH University

At International Burch University Student Association of the Faculty of Education (SAFE) and volunteers of The Red Cross of Ilidža organized a very important event - voluntary blood donation.

Despite medical and technological advances, blood cannot currently be made. The only way of getting hold of it is via blood donations from people who give blood.

Each blood donation provides three different blood components, each with its own role in treating patients, and it helps up to three different people.

“We don't just need to give blood in the event of tragedies or emergencies. Instead, it should be a normal and routine part of our lives. Regular blood donations mean that there will be sufficient amount of safe blood in stock. I thank to students and staff of Burch University who have taken part in this humanitarian act,  where 39 doses of blood were collected. This is the 5th blood donation event organized in cooperation with the International Burch University“, said Fatima Kovačević, the president of the student association. 

Darivanje krvi 04 2017