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Amazing Visiting Professors at English Department at BURCH University
May 03, 2018

Amazing Visiting Professors at English Department at BURCH University

Since its establishment, International Burch University has always strived to reflect the international character beyond its title by engaging in and supporting a variety of activities involving academic staff members. This year, the Department of English Language and Literature took the lead by participating in Erasmus + program with different countries.

Department hosted professor dr. Lolea Georgiana from West University of Timisoara in Romania on 22 March 2018 as a part of the staff exchange program. The professor talked about New Orleans in the period between 1682 - when the city was founded - and 2005 when hurricane Katrina killed 1600 people and destroyed thousands of homes. She mentioned various problems the city faced, from racial issues to reconstructing their government, but she also included all the things this city should be proud of. While talking about the city, the professor asked the students to compare the timeline of New Orleans to their home country or city. Students quickly joined in reconstructing the past, each of them adding some interesting facts about their homeland to the discussion. The lecture finished in friendly discussion between the professor and students.

As a part of the 5th International Student Symposium, the Department also summoned some prominent names from the field of humanities, social and natural sciences, such as Prof. Dr. Maria Fernandez Raga and Prof. Dr. Jose Antonia Resines Gordaliza, who held a seminar on the web-based learning environment. In addition to their keynote speeches, professors also held a lecture to our MA students on the topic “The use of Moodle in Education.”

We are sincerely pleased with hosting such amazing professors and we hope that the experience students gained attending the lectures will be greatly beneficial. We also hope to welcome many more prominent professors in years to come.

Visiting Professors at English Department