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Assist. Prof. Dr. Dino Kečo Is the Founder Of BURCH Linux Lab: We Are Preparing Young People Intensively For The IT Market
Jan 26, 2018

Assist. Prof. Dr. Dino Kečo Is the Founder Of BURCH Linux Lab: We Are Preparing Young People Intensively For The IT Market

The international Burch University is the only distinguished educational institution where new students come precisely because of the educational staff, the prestigious study program and the equipment of the IT cabinet. One of the most important and favorite professors at Burch University is Assist. Prof. Dr. Dino Kečo, a man whose professional expertise is not spoken much but is widely known.

Dino was one of the initiators of the establishment of the first Linux Lab in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The results were great, there was a unique Linux distribution of the specific name Ubuntu Burch Edition as the fork of Ubuntu distribution.

"Often people ask me what it means, simply, within IT Burch Lab we have created an operating system that meets our needs. This practically means that with our distribution we can organize classes from many subjects such as machine learning, databases, web and mobile programming, networks and others. Professors and students who can organize high-quality teaching through this system are of great benefit from everything. "

People do not have touch with the new operating system

"Students are often confused when we are telling them during the lecture that the foundation of many operating systems is essentially Linux. Confusion is also present when we are trying to explain the differences between Linux and Windows. However, Linux is still an operating system for advanced users. But the advantages of Linux are simplicity, speed, security and the fact that it is completely free. "

Hackers use Linux

"Hackers use Linux, that's right, but without knowledge, they cannot achieve much. Many children are already finding serious failures within large systems using Linux, but there are almost no such people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are generally not focused on this field. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, a small number of people living and working with Linux OS are very good at their work. However, these people are united around educational institutions and associations and their mission is education. "

"The biggest problem of young generations in the IT sector is a play that easily introduces potential connoisseurs into the world of prejudice. Because of this, I often encounter students who think that Windows is the only operating system they need to know because it is essentially the best for them. Students get introduced to many other operating systems in the classroom of the International Burch University while they have a decade-long experience of using Windows. "

"The simplest computers that most people have on their desk can become faster and more functional if they install Linux on them. Linux simply consumes fewer computer resources. However, people still have prejudices, and it is difficult to explain to new students that without a serious knowledge of the Linux operating system they cannot become serious and respectable IT engineers. I have to say that IT engineers who do not know Linux are in some way denied. That's why the team and myself work more intensively on the development of Linux Lab. "

Most servers run Linux

"It's important to explain to young engineers that much of the Linux industry is used within the IT industry. Most servers use the Linux operating system, as well as many other areas such as IP telephony, embedded systems, network devices, IoT, the basics of Android is Linux even the automotive industry uses Linux. Imagine an IT engineer who does not know Linux. However, if we teach young people to recognize differences and use them, they are ready for the market. "

Dino Keco