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Beginning of the Start Up Competition for students
Dec 06, 2018

Beginning of the Start Up Competition for students

We officially started with StartUp workshops, lectures, and preparations for the competition which brought us many applicants and which we, therefore, consider it a great response. This is an excellent start of activities, and we are looking forward to seeing present many young people interested in entrepreneurship.

After our info sessions and applications, we finally came to lectures and workshops. It is a pleasure to say that our lecturers are entrepreneurially-oriented people themselves and that their real-life stories can be full of advice for our competitors and others.  

Our first lecturer was Nikolina Babičić, head of sales at the Hungarian start-up Intellyo. This startup helps companies in their digital transformation offering a unique platform for planning, creating and tracking communication with the audience.

She shared her experience with students of Burch University about working in Intellyo and gave advice and suggestions on how to prepare a presentation of their ideas.

We are looking forward to other sessions and the rest of our incredible speakers, hoping that our students will learn from them.