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BURCH Alumni Ajla Kurspahić-Omerhodžić Media Monitor in Media Plus Sarajevo
Feb 27, 2018

BURCH Alumni Ajla Kurspahić-Omerhodžić Media Monitor in Media Plus Sarajevo

We wanted to hold an interview with our successful alumni in order to show our current students how studying at the department was in previous generations. With that in mind, I would ask you to please introduce yourself, tell us when you graduated from the department, and where you are currently working.

I am Ajla Kurspahić-Omerhodžić. I graduated from Burch University in 2015, where I completed my Master's studies. I currently work as a media monitor in a media monitoring agency, Media Plus, in Sarajevo.

How was your time at the department? What were some of your favorite courses? Which one do you think served you best?

My time at the university was very enjoyable and I learned a lot from the courses, as well as the people I met there. The courses I liked the best were those related to literature and translation methods. Since I currently work as an interpreter, translation studies have definitely helped me a lot in my job since I've definitely improved my skills through those courses. But literature, among other things, is what enriches one's vocabulary, and that is without a doubt very helpful in translation.

How was the social life at the department? Do you still keep in touch with your friends and classmates, and what were some of your favorite memories?

Well, my social life was never better than during university, as I was hanging out a lot with many people. I am still in contact with most of my classmates, and a few of them are very close friends. I was very happy at that time since I had the chance to socialize a lot outside the university. We had a great time during classes, but it was even better just spending the day together going out. My favorite memories are of precisely those times. I also fondly remember all the competitions, like the spelling bee. I was very competitive (laughter).

What is it that you currently do? Describe your job to our readers, and tell us about the best and perhaps the most challenging aspects of your job.

I currently work as a media monitor. We make summaries of news as well as current affairs magazines in English. We record news and follow current affair magazines on TV channels as well as public broadcasters, and then we translate those into English and send them out to our clients. Challenges are actually the best part of it because I’m translating a lot of political and technical material and I learn new words every day. I have to use the best context-dependent terminology, and the political scene can be very challenging which I personally find very amusing. I love challenges, I love searching for new words – I feel accomplished when I believe I found the best possible translation for a particular phrase.

Do you have any advice for current and future students of the department?

Make the most use of everything you're offered at the university – all of the knowledge the professors offer. But also, search outside of the university, read a lot of books, use many different resources of knowledge and information. I would also like to advise them to learn about the world around them, not just to stick to what they learned during formal education. You should connect the two in order to have a full image of the world. However, don’t think that the image is ever complete – it will change. So, search, inquire, read, and never stop. 

Alumni-Ajla Kurspahić-Omerhodžić