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BURCH Basketball Team Getting Stronger
Sep 07, 2018

BURCH Basketball Team Getting Stronger

KK Igman and KK Burch are getting merged as top two basketball teams within the A1 league and are now main competitors for the title.

All of the available resources of both clubs are getting merged and will be used to accomplish the main goals they have been already striving for as individual clubs. Seniors of this newly made team are going to compete under the new name KK Igman Burch University, while their younger colleagues, cadets, and juniors, will compete under the name KK Igman Richmond Park Schools under the supervision of their new coach Eldar Kvrgić.

Having in mind the USA system of granting scholarships to the best players, and already known tradition of the International Burch University to give out sports scholarships, all of sport and academic efforts of their players will be awarded by different amounts of scholarships.

In this way, students will get a chance to maintain both, their passion for the sport and their education. Moreover, the administration of both clubs will get their chance to work together and exchange ideas and use two different perspectives in leading the new team.


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