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BURCH Staff Participated in the Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility Project Lublin in Poland
Jan 11, 2018

BURCH Staff Participated in the Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility Project Lublin in Poland

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sayed and Senior Teaching Assistant Omar Kapetanović, M.A. from Architectural Department, visited Lublin in Poland to participate in the Erasmus+ teaching mobility project between University Colleague WSPA and International Burch University.

After meeting the hosts, all participants presented their home institutions. The other participants of the program were from Serbia, Georgia, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The following two days, the team from International Burch University presented Bosnia and Herzegovina as their home country and International Burch University for university students at WSPA and high school students J.I. Paderewski High School. Brochures were distributed after the presentation.

During the stay, academic staff held lectures for students from the first and third year of Architectural Department at WSPA.

A guided tour for all participants was organized by the hosts. The tour presented historical significance of Lublin and development of the city throughout history. On tour, several historical buildings, central church, and Monastery were visited. Later, the Burch team visited other interesting places at Lublin, such as Lublin Arena and Majdanek Concentration Camp.

On the last evening, the farewell dinner was organized by the host of the program, and complimentary gifts from Burch University were given to hosts and other participants.

The goals set forth by Burch team were achieved, and the host congratulated them for the efforts and showed a big interest in continuing the good relations between both institutions in the future.