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BURCH Student Bisera Imamovic: My Erasmus Experience
Mar 22, 2018

BURCH Student Bisera Imamovic: My Erasmus Experience

To give my education a new dimension, I decided to join an Erasmus program after the presentation at Burch University. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, I continued with my master’s studies at the same university and applied for the Erasmus exchange program. I submitted the necessary documentation, filled out the application and with the help of the professional team of Burch University everything was quickly and efficiently done.

I got the chance to go for an exchange semester in Portugal. During the summer break, I booked a ticket, made necessary consultations with the persons in charge at the University of Viseu, booked a room in the student dormitory and got more informed about Portugal, Viseu and the university itself. I landed on a wonderful September day in Porto, stayed overnight, and the next day I was on a bus for Viseu. Another proof of how small the world is is that I met Bosnians on that bus who are studying in Frankfurt and were going to the same city to work on the project.

My first student days were interesting... room was great, summer went on and lasted almost until the end of November. There were students from Turkey, Germany, Poland, Netherlands… The world is so small!

At the university, I worked a lot and had excellent cooperation with professors and students (mainly the Portuguese). I am very satisfied with the achieved results and the knowledge gained. I am still in contact with everyone and I consider myself part of that team. From the scholarship I was receiving, I could pay for accommodation, food, other needs, and travel.

I visited Lisbon and Porto several times. I was in Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, and once in those five months I also came to Bosnia. I paid everything for the monthly scholarships I was receiving. My self-confidence increased, my horizons broadened, and I realized I could do a lot by myself. The best of all are the friendships I have made, some of which I hope will last for a long time, maybe even for a lifetime.

Thanks to Erasmus and Burch University for a wonderful experience. I want to recommend to everyone who is interested and those who are still not to try it, to go for an exchange, and I hope that they will enjoy it just like I did.

Erasmus Experience