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BURCH Student Won First Place at HUB 387 Startup Event “Get in the Ring”
Jun 19, 2018

BURCH Student Won First Place at HUB 387 Startup Event “Get in the Ring”

In the past few days, worthy students participated in the competition named "Get in the Ring", at Sarajevo HUB387.

The startup event, held in over 100 countries, was held for the first time in Sarajevo this year. The winner in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the startup HaBEEtat, which won the participation in the global "Get in the Ring" competition in Portugal, from May 30th to June 1st, along with the winners from all the other countries.

Throughout the two-day tournaments’ plan and program, all the training sessions were attended by Jochem Cuppen, the Global Director of the "Get in the Ring" Foundation. After training, where participants had the opportunity to hear useful tips and gain new knowledge for their startups, the remainder of the competition went through three rounds of winning for the place in the global finals.

The winning startup HaBEEtat was founded in 2016, and the basis of their business is the production of beehives.

"Our product is designed for beekeepers to enable more efficient honey production, and our goal is to attract younger generations to start honey production business”, said the Burch student, Semir Šakanović, the co-founder, and director of HaBEEtat. Honeycombs are fitted with sensors for measuring temperature and humidity and honey weight. In this way, beekeepers no longer have to personally come to the hive to check their condition but can do it all through the desktop and mobile apps.

In addition to the unique opportunities for networking with investors in Portugal, HaBEEtat and three other startups were selected for participation at the Investment Café, organized by CEE Freiraum, which was held in Sarajevo the next month. HaBEEtat won the trip and stay in the start-up at Strascheg, an entrepreneurial center in Munich, where it will present its idea to German investors.

HaBEEtat Startup