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BURCH Students on Erasmus - Their Erasmus Experience
May 28, 2018

BURCH Students on Erasmus - Their Erasmus Experience

It was mid-November when we decide to apply to Erasmus+ programme. We didn't know where to go, so we decided to visit International Relations department of Burch University to find our options. We decided for Poland because we could go together, then we gathered all the paperwork and applied.

A little more than a month later, two of us got the acceptance letter and started preparing for our exchange semester. It was February when we finally packed our bags and flew to Wroclaw, Poland.

When we first came to Wroclaw it was freezing. Winter in Poland is harsh and cold, and we needed a week or two to adapt to new climate. During this period, we managed to find a flat, learn how to get around in the city and around our new University, of course. Not knowing the Polish language was not a problem, since almost everyone speaks English very well. When the adaptation period was over we finally got some time to discover the city itself. As a city with more than 120000 students, Wroclaw had to offer a lot of goodies for students, such as student bars, hangouts, trips and meetups which helped us to quickly socialize and meet new friends.

Later, when the weather got warmer we used our free time and holidays to explore different cities around Europe. We went to Prague, Berlin, Vienna, Krakow, Warsaw, Barcelona and a few other places, and had an incredible time.

We would like to thank Burch University and Erasmus+ programme for this incredible experience that will be one of the best memories of ours. The exchange program pushed us out of our comfort zone and helped us develop in every way possible.

Popovac Haris & Alibašić Faruk

Erasmus Students