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Burch University Prepares Young People for The Labor Market
Feb 21, 2018

Burch University Prepares Young People for The Labor Market

Numerous world-renowned startup experts and practitioners with practical experience gathered at the Start Me Up conference at Hotel Hills. This is an excellent opportunity for University and high school students to explore opportunities for startup businesses in B&H, present their already existing startup ideas to potential investors, and with their help realize those ideas.

"One of the challenges that today's education is facing with is too much theory, too little practice, and the other is linking what is called formal and informal knowledge. It's no secret that at present we are still producing some professions that will not find their place in the labor market. The Start Me Up Conference is conceived as one link between what is called formal education and preparing young people for what is waiting for them in the labor market", said Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović, Rector of the International Burch University in Sarajevo.

British Ambassador to B&H, H. E. Edward Ferguson, said that young people in B6H should have a chance to work and with their knowledge contribute to the development of the country.

"We are investing in improving the education system here to enable young people to register new companies, to have their own startups, to contribute to the economy and to hire new young people. Currently, as I see the situation, this education system and what young people learn about it are a bit dry and more in theory than practice", said the Ambassador Ferguson, who also thanked the International Burch University for its heavy investments in facilitating the practice for young people.

Huso Hamzić, a student at the Secondary Electrical Engineering School in Mostar, presented his idea of a smart device that would allow disinfection and drying of hands without contact with any surface, and Lamija Palalija, a student at the International Burch University, presented an educational application for three different childhood periods. These are just some of the great numbers of ideas these young people have and for which they seek investor support.

The first place and prize went to the team whoopedu, and we proudly present the winning team: Lamija Palalija, marketing manager, Meldin Šljivić, web developer and video editor, Enver Bakija, Android and backend developer, Abdulmelik Pehlić, CEO and iOS developer, Muhammed Hasanović, designer , Armin Fehrić, android developer and designer, and Vedad Burgić, external consultant and android developer.

Start Me Up Conference at Hotel Hills