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Burch University Visited by Dean of Vytautas Magnus University - Lithuania
Jan 18, 2018

Burch University Visited by Dean of Vytautas Magnus University - Lithuania

The International Burch University hosted the Dean of Vytautas Magnus University, Prof. Saulius Mickevičius, who initiated the contacts with the professors of the International Burch University who he had the opportunity to meet during numerous conferences and decided to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo and Burch, and get acquainted with the program and academic team of Burch University.

"Our colleagues from Lithuania have selected Burch University as the primary goal of their visit. That was the reason why Burch University and academic staff warmly welcomed their colleagues from Lithuania and additionally introduced them to all forms of future cooperation. Through interviews, we realized that we have more common Departments, which are also a focus for the education process. During the visit and discussion with the professors of the Burch University, Dean Mickevičius met with the backgrounds of professors, their scientific achievements, and the idea for the realization of the Erasmus project and even the Horizon 2020 project. Their first host was Professor at Burch University, Assist. Prof. Dr. Almir Badnjević, who also informed the guests in detail, found many common topics that will potentially open the door to future cooperation. For the time being, an invitation has already been made to the indexed conference that will be held during May, while the topic of the conference will be the current biomedicine and the environment. A special focus is on strengthening the basketball team and University sport, more so that Lithuania has the best university basketball clubs in the world, emphasized Assist. Prof. Dr. Sanela Klarić.

After a detailed tour of the Burch University campus, Dean of the Vytautas Magnus University, Prof. Saulius Mickevičius, who for the first time is visiting not only Bosnia and Herzegovina but also the Balkans, said:

"I am currently working as a dean of natural sciences at Vytautas Magnus University. Our university is internationally recognized and currently occupies a high position in the world rankings of the University's rating. That is why we realized that we are in the time when we need to search for international partners that will open the door to new opportunities and experiences. Of course, this includes student exchange, dual degree program, Erasmus K and K1 project and Horizon 2020 projects. That's why I have to point out that we have found a perfect partner at the International Burch University where we talked to the heads of the Department of Genetics and Bioengineering. What I could see at Burch is that this university is truly a fantastic place to study and acquire knowledge. Your academic staff is indeed a real potential for students, but also professors who tomorrow will be a serious competition not only for other students in B&H but also throughout Europe. "

Dean of the Vytautas Magnus University - Lithuania