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BURCH University Welcomed Transfer Students
Apr 09, 2018

BURCH University Welcomed Transfer Students

In the past year, the English Language and Literature Department welcomed a number of transfer students who found a new home at Burch. We sat down with three of them, Jasna Saračević, Amila Dautbašić, and Mona Khamis, to obtain their impressions about studying at our department.

I: Could you please briefly introduce yourself?

Amila Dautbašić (AD): My name is Amila Dautbašić. I am a second-year student, and I transferred from the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo.

Mona Khamis (MK): My name Mona Khamis, I am from Syria, and I am studying at the English Language and Literature Department. This is my second year studying English. I began my studies at American Northwest University about two years ago, and then I transferred to International Burch University.

Jasna Saračević (JS): My name is Jasna Saračević. I am a second-year student at International Burch University and I come from Sarajevo. I transferred from the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, where I also studied English language and literature.

I: How long have you been a student at the English Language and Literature Department at International Burch University? How did you come to choose this department?

AD: I've been at IBU for almost a year. Due to some previous issues, I transferred here because I heard from many people how good Burch University is.

MK: I have been at the English Department of International Burch University for a year now. I am obsessed with other languages and cultures, so I chose this department because it offered what I was looking for.

JS: I have been a student for almost a year now at the English Department at International Burch University. I specifically chose this department because the English language is something I love but I have also heard from previous students who attended this university that the quality of education is at an enviable level.

I: What was your first impression of the department/university? Has it changed?

AD: I was very anxious and nervous because I was the new girl, and I did not know if the students and professors will accept me and greet me nicely. My first meeting at Burch was with Ms. Jasmina Sinanović who was being extremely friendly towards me and who made me feel like I was home. Then I went to the rector's office and talked to Rector Marjanović and the Dean, prof. Senad Bećirović for a long time. I felt like I've known them forever. The first day of school was also very exciting since my colleagues greeted me and offered help.

MK: Well, first and foremost, I like the language. Studying at International Burch University sparked my interest in language, and helped me realize what I would like to be in the future. My dream is to be a good teacher. The English Department has helped me become a better student and person in my own life and one of the others. It has pushed me to achieve my ambition. I consider it my second home. (as we say, Burch Family)

JS: My first impression of the University was very positive. Everyone, including the students as well as the professors, was very friendly and helpful, making it easy to fit in. The teaching system is great, where there are a lot of activities and practical classes where the students are always interacting with the professors.  As time went on I was feeling even more positive and I knew that I had made the right decision of picking Burch University and the English Department.

I: What is your favorite part about studying at the ELL department?

AD: That I feel like these people are my family. All professors, assistants, students and staff welcomed me and accepted me as their own.

MK: I agree with Amila, but I also love the courses and the study program, particularly linguistic courses.

JS: My favorite part of studying at the ELL Department are the courses which are very useful and interactive, where I learn a lot on an everyday basis, as well as the professors who do their best to convey knowledge to us, and are always there to help whenever needed.

I: What are your future plans? How do you think your education here will help in achieving your future goals?

AD: Now my future goal is to stay here. Even when I graduate I want to work for this institution because it offered me a lot, and I want to pay them back.

MK: I want to become a teacher at primary school because I like teaching, I like to teach children and to help them achieve their goals in the future.

JS: My future plans are to work as a translator and get my Master’s degree at Burch University. The education I get at Burch University will definitely help me a lot in my future life as well as in work. Everything I learn at this university I will apply in my work, I can see myself improving every day in all the language spheres.

I: Would you recommend the department to other students? What advice would you give to a potential student?

AD: I would always recommend the ELL department, to everyone who wants to have a second family, and feel like home when at the faculty. I would also like to point out that I always wanted to have my own drama club, and as I came here, the department accepted my offer and I directed a play with the huge help of our professors. We know each other, both students and professors – our lectures are always entertaining, interactive, but we also learn all the necessary information related to that course.

MK: I recommend studying English at this department to everyone. It is interesting, useful, and it prepares you for the future.

JS: I would recommend this Department to other students because they will learn a lot from experienced and friendly professors who have it in their best interest to teach us everything we need to know to become successful language teachers or translators in the future.

I: Is there any message you would like to send to our readers?

AD: I would like if more people would choose to be part of the Burch family because I promise, they will make your higher education time the best three, four or more years of your life.

MK: I wish you all the best in your lives, and hope your dreams come true, and that I meet you at the English department someday.

JS: My message would be for anyone who is thinking of applying to a university and the ELL Department, they should come to International Burch University, and they will not regret it. The education and achievements will speak for themselves in the end and will be seen in later work accomplishments. 

I: Dear students and colleagues, thank you so much for such nice words and we really enjoy having you with us as members of our great ELL Burch family! We wish you all the best in your personal and professional life.