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Burch Vice Rector Assist. Prof. Dr. Sanela Klarić Visited HSWT - Germany
Jul 30, 2018

Burch Vice Rector Assist. Prof. Dr. Sanela Klarić Visited HSWT - Germany

Assist. Prof. Dr. Sanela Klarić, Vice Rector for Scientific Research and International Cooperation at International Burch University, was invited to visit the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences (HSWT) in Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany, in July 2018 via Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for the Teaching program.

Visiting program was very rich, demanding and full of specially organized visits with local professors and students to current Landscape Architecture, Sports Facility, and Urban Planning projects in Munich.

Assist. Prof. Dr.Sanela Klarić was involved as a guest critic in the final presentation of the Main Project I in IMLA (International Master of Landscape Architecture) programme. The topic of this year's project was 'Glonnvalley - Suburban Countryside in the Metropolitan Region of Munich'. Assist- Prof. Dr. Klarić addressed all audience for the yearly academic event, the so-called 'Tag der Landschaftsarchitektur' (Landscape Architecture Day), with very rich and interesting programme, awards, research project presentations and a large exhibition of study and research project results of the current summer school year.

Beside Professor Klarić guests critic were colleagues Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elisabetta Bianchessi and Research Dr. Lorenzo Rebediani from The European Institute for Gardens and Landscapes Bergamo Italy.

HSWT - Germany