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Chief of OSCE Mission to BiH Bruce G. Berton Visited Burch University
May 15, 2018

Chief of OSCE Mission to BiH Bruce G. Berton Visited Burch University

Ambassador Bruce G. Berton, the chief of OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina, visited International Burch University and used the opportunity to talk with the students, professors and the rector of Burch.

Welcoming the honored lecturer, Assist. Prof. Dr. Jasmin Hasić introduced the guest and the importance of his visit.

“When I arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I heard many diplomats joking how after one year of living in this beautiful country they felt amazing; two years later, they thought they had learned something about it, and finally, three years later, they realized they know nothing. This country and its citizens went through so much suffering during the war, but many reforms we worked on in OSCE were successful in the post-war period. However, what worries us the most is the challenging economic state as well as the enormous bureaucracy. That is the reason why half a million of people live under the poverty threshold, the salaries are low and costs are getting higher and higher”, said the ambassador.  

The significance of education and the potential of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina who can use their knowledge not only in this but in any other country in the EU was also emphasized.

“In comparison with other countries, BiH has its advantages, such as the workforce potential, the proximity to the EU as well as the fast-growing market. That is why reforms are necessary for this country. However, the most important thing is repression of nationalist rhetoric and corruption. If that does not change, the image of BiH will never become attractive to any serious investors, who would strengthen the country's economy”, said Bruce G. Berton.

The ambassador also had a chance to talk and exchange the experiences with the professors of International Burch University.

“Foreign diplomats' visits and conversations with our students on the current sociopolitical and economic challenges have become the tradition in the last couple of months. I am truly honored to have ambassador Berton share his rich diplomatic experience and remind our students how important it is to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice and complement it with experience of older colleagues, whose work they would like to continue in the future”, emphasized Assist. Prof. Dr. Jasmin Hasić.

The rector and vice-rectors, as well as the students and professors of Burch, wished the ambassador a successful diplomatic mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the meeting was finalized in warm wishes to continue our cooperation and mutual support.

Šef Misije OSCE Bruce G. Berton